We are very happy to announce that the New Jersey Historic Trust has given a $500,000 grant to South Orange to assist in the preservation of our historical Connett Building!

Thanks to our Village staff for their continued hard work in these efforts!

The Connett Memorial Library is a Richardsonian Romansque style public library in brick and sandstone, with a red slate roof. Built in 1895 and designed by Stephenson and Greene of New York, it is unusual for retaining most of its historic fabric and details inside and out. 




The Friends of the SOPL made a sizable donation, in the amount of $10,000 to The South Orange Public Library. Thank you to our members and to supporters who shop at The Book Cage, our annual Book Sale and our Holiday Artisan Craft Fair. Your help made this possible!



The September 2016 Villager of the Month is The Friends of the South Orange Public Library!


As reported in the September/October 2016 Gaslight newsletter, our volunteer group is the most recent Villager of the Month! This is a great honor and it spotlights the hard work many folks have been doing for many years to help out our local library.

The article reveals the close to $10,000 the Friends of the SOPL donates to the library annually, introduces its readers to some of our boards members and all of the various projects the Friends of the library have on-going.

THANK YOU South Orange for this kind acknowledgement!


South Orange Library hosts "A Night at the Movies" Feb 16th






Thank you for your generosity! Our BOOK DONATION DAY helped us get full up with books and had to close up shop a bit early! 
The Better World Books Green Bin, in the SOPL parking lot, will be emptied this week. So, if you have a need to donate more books, please put them there.
(Our group will receive a percentage from those book sales)

Donated books will be disseminated to our local school libraries, Little Free Libraries that our group keeps filled and other worthy local literary causes.


Check back here for information on our Spring Book Sale. We will have book donation days just before our Book Sale. Look for that announcement! 



Friends of the South Orange Library holiday boutique was a hit!






Check out the Little Free Libraries that dot our village. Maintained by volunteers from The Friends of the SOPL!





Friends of the SOPL holiday sale Nov 15th 2016!






We are celebrating a $3,000 donation the Friends of the SouthOrange Public Library donated to our library for the purchase of books and other materials in January 2016.

This sizable donation is possible due to the generous donations of our members and to the hard working volunteers at our various fundraising events.



Wendy Mass and David Lubar shared their stories and writing tips with local kids and adults in 2013.


* Click on our New and Links page for details on the $500,000 grant from the NJ Historical Trust! *

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Did you know??

New library books purchased with donated Friends of the SOPL funds circulate over 700 times!

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